Fun Halloween things for kids to do online…

Since Halloween is getting closer I wanted to visit this topic first….

Halloween IS celebrated by my family, but it is very very monitored. We try to do Halloween “parties” with the kids rather than going to the popular trick or treating neighborhoods. We focus more on pumpkin carvings and hayrides than the costumes and candy and the boys have a blast every year.

A few places online that have some neat Halloween stuff for the kids:

Virtual Jack-o-lantern – this is a neat site for kids 2 and up – you can hand pick your “virtual” jack-o-lantern’s features….eyes, nose, mouth etc. and then get a created by “insert your kids name here”printout to use for the real pumpkin carving. Best part is they can just recreate him over and over until he is just right. My 6 year old had a blast with this and now Dad and Gramps have some award winning jack-o-lantern carving in their future!

Send a Custom Jack by eMail – Here is a similar site with twist….first you go to the virtual pumpkin patch and pick out your favorite one. Then you are only limited by your imagination as to what you can carve into it! When your child is done you can add a personal message to your one of a kind jack-o-lantern and email away! This is a great rainy day activity, you could start over and have a special pumpkin for each member of your mailing list!

Halloween Coloring Sheets – Why is it that it is more fun to color on a printed picture than in a coloring book? Who knows?

Ben & Jerry’s Halloween Site – Who would have thought the “masters” of weird named ice cream would have a portion of their site dedicated to Halloween stuff. Lots of fun for little ones here!

J’s Halloween Interactive Story Telling – Something different – you can read the Halloween stories, complete with background music at your own pace. Since 1993, J’s Magic has been bringing you its annual award-winning Halloween story for kids of all ages. The pages load quick for a graphic site.

Virtual Haunted House – Cute, haunted house, that will take you room by room and even gives you the creepy background music! Turn off the light to view this one!

I don’t have a problem with my 6 year old participating in the sites above, as long as I am on the computer with him. I would never let him roam around the Internet on his own…..(gasp)….I hope you can squeeze some time in with your kiddos and let them see that there is lots of Halloween fun right here on the computer!


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