Well,  here it is! FINALLY after talking about it for months I am posting post number one of thousands! I am Kristi a work at home mom of 2 wonderful boys. Boys that LOVE sports, outdoors, adventures, and everything in between. You would think with soccer practice, karate, homework, basketball and of course school, these kids would not have time to even be BORED. Well, go figure when the family has a couple hours free from any appointments I will at least hear one of them announce that dreadful statement “MOM! I’M BORED…

 Ugh…. I know that you’ve heard it too, or some form with the same meaning….unless your kid is less than a year, which in that case, just wait. You’ll see what I mean! When I hear them say it I think so many things….

~ I am a bad mother – I am not giving my kids enough attention.
~ My childhood….when did I have the nerve to “announce” my boredom to my parents? Don’t think so.
~ How can this child be bored not just 10 minutes ago we were “insert random weekly activity here”
~ Maybe he means he’s hungry, not bored, just hungry and he is confused.
When it comes down to it, I “know” what he is saying. My kids want to do something FUN, something DIFFERENT and something FAST! So me “planning” a zoo trip for Sunday will not cure the ‘boredom blues’ my 6 year old have on Friday. What is that saying? Strike while the iron is hot? That is what I have got to do! Within minutes we’ve got to be doing ‘something’.

Lucky for my kiddos I am a fairly young mom who not that long ago was a camp counselor for underprivileged youth. This gave me lots of experience dealing with kids who needed fun and unique ways to have a good time. I literally have volumes of book on this type of stuff. Obviously a lot is not suitable for my 6 and 3 year old, but between the volumes of books and my creative little mind I have lots to share! I hope you can turn to this blog when you are looking for things to do for your kids next birthday, play date or anytime your kids tell you MOM! I’m bored!


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