What I am most thankful for…

As Thanksgiving inches closer and closer I am excited to participate in Mom Gadget’s  Blog Carnival “What I am most Thankful for this Year“. Please check out Katelyn’s blog Free Holiday Ideas to see what our others members are thankful for!

First I just feel inclined to get this said……I am obviously thankful for family, friends, faith, food, shelter and health.

As my boys are getting into school systems and starting to have “life outside of mom” as I like to call it, I can not help but be thankful for the opportunity to shape these 2 little boys into grown gentlemen. What could be more important in this world than your kids’ future? I know every parent has got to feel the same way. How lucky am I to be such a major influence to these 2 little boys? Knowing that their future is a direct result of what I am doing now is amazing!

Every-time I think about my boys getting married and starting families, I want to work 100 times harder on my own marriage. Even though my husband and I’s parents are both still married, there are so many friends and other family members that are divorced. I feel for the children involved and often wonder what I would do or say if I ever faced a divorce….. I want my kids to know that even though marriage can be a challenge, it can still be forever.

I want my boys to build memories and traditions for their own kids. I want them to think back to their childhood and tell their wives with confidence that they will be amazing dads and husbands. That their childhood was full of love, and that they owe it to their parents.

The children are our future…it is NOT just a song! Think about it next time you see your kids! I am most thankful for being blessed with the opportunity to teach 2 young little boys to be amazing gentlemen.



3 responses to “What I am most thankful for…

  1. I agree, I believe it is the kids that help create those wonderful holiday memories. 🙂 I don’t even want to start thinking of them getting older and creating their own memories. 😦

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  3. It’ll take awhile to get it back, or something like it. Rachael brought up some good points that I hadn’t considered. Maybe she is our Eliot and Joel Click http://getl.eu/?i=justgoo100745

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